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1. Completion of FBI NICS Firearms Transaction Record Form #4473
2. Picture ID
3. Payment in full including purchase price of firearm, 6% sales tax and processing fee of $35.00 per firearm transaction. A charge of $25 will be charged for each additional firearm purchased.
4. Permit to purchase is generated by M&W
5. CCW Permit Holders: Your CCW will act as our purchase permit. M&W will create the gun registration. You are required to forward the completed copies to your local law enforcement agency.
6. All transactions will require a NICS background check, this does not apply to gun dealers.
7. Dealer Purchases: Copies or FFL & Tax ID are required with the required forms
8. Confirmation of sale through FBI NICS customer service center via telephone on same day.
9. The customer service center can proceed, deny, or delay your gun purchase. If delayed final approval could take up to 3 business days. If denied, a guideline form for your rights and responsibilities for appealing denial will be supplied to you.
10. Purchase price and sales tax will be refunded is sale is denied. NO refund on processing fee.
11. New firearm purchases direct from distributor, quoted upon request including handgun & long-guns, processing fee of $50.00 on new plus tax & freight, NICS check included
12. Consignment sales welcome. Contact M&W Inc. for details
13. M&W Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
14. Credit card purchases @3% additional processing fee
15. Firearms can be transferred to a dealer in your area. Additional fees apply.